At Straight Shooters we understand how frustrating it can be when your range is too busy for you to get in to shoot.  In order to prevent this we are limiting the number of memberships we are offering.  After all, how good is a membership to a range you can never use.

If you are looking for a membership that satisfies the RCMP’s requirements we offer the Affiliate membership.  We offer it for 1 or 2-year terms and for a small day pass fee you can drop in to shoot anytime you want.

If you like to get out and shoot more often we have a couple of different membership options for you.   If your schedule allows for you to shoot during the weekdays you may be interested in our more cost-effective Weekday only membership.  Come and shoot as often as you want, just do it on weekdays from opening to 4 PM.  However, if you prefer the convenience of coming anytime we are open there is the Anytime membership.  With the anytime membership you can shoot anytime we are open, as often as you want.

If you have an anytime or weekday membership you can bring a guest for a $ 20.00 guest pass fee.  However, please remember that you are the range officer for your guest.  You are responsible for your guest along with their safety and their safe operation of any firearms.  As such, we ask that you and your guest share a lane with only one person shooting at a time.  That way you are properly able to monitor your guest and ensure everyone’s safety.